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As the cryptocurrency wave continues to take Africa by storm , one of the first cryptocurrency pioneers in Zimbabwe, Golix, have official moved to a newly refurbished office at Batanai Mall, in a bid to accommodate more staff members.

Golix, was established in 2014 by a 3 member team, uptodate they have employed 20 full time staff members who are going to be working in the new office.

The new Golix offices comes with a more pronounced brand signature blue colour, and a beaming white logo.

Chief Executive officer for Golix, Tawanda Kembo, said that the new office is a sign that Golix is expanding its services and reaching out to more customers.

“I’m excited that Golix keeps growing – the number of new customers signing up right now is 50 times bigger than it was this time last year. This growth can really be attributed to our ability to attract very smart and talented employees to join our team. Our  office was getting smaller weekly for the team. We are still hiring aggressively and we want to make more room for more smart and talented people to join us,” said Golix CEO Tawanda Kembo.

The main aim for Golix relocating to new refurbished office, is not only focused on accommodating staff members, but also to make sure that customers can easily relate with their brand and get the best service in a conducive environment.

Golix Product Manager, Yeukai Kusangaya, said that brand visibility in the new office will resonate and inspire confidence in cryptocurrency  customers.

“This shows that we are growing, not just as a team but also as a brand. Also this is going to improve our customer’s confidence because it will be easy for them to  identify with the brand as soon as they walk at Batanai mall first floor,” she said.

The vibrant exchange seeks to achieve  financial autonomy in Africa, through the use of cryptocurrency, as they  look for the best ways to easily make digital currencies available to all Africans.