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Golix is set to attend the fourth edition of World Premier conference that is  going to be held in Princess Hotel in Acapulco, Mexico from the 15th to the 18th of February 2018.

The Cryptopulco conference seminar is focused on cryptocurrencies and it will feature experts from blockchain technology who are set to deliver keynotes on the latest digital currencies trends.

One of Acapulco’s keynote speakers will be the 82 year old, two-time US Presidential candidate, Ron Paul.

Other speakers will be cryptocurrencies community luminaries like Bitcoin Core developer Jimmy Song and Bitcoin Cash developer Amaury Séchet.

They will be part of a huge list of attendees from around the world expected to be part of the conference, as they seek to highlight how digital currencies have the power to deliver financial autonomy.

Golix CEO, Tawanda Kembo and William Chui are amongst the few people from Africa attending the conference.

Their focus will be to learn more about blockchain technology evolution and international cryptocurrency perspectives. This follows Golix plans to be the biggest digital currency market in Africa.

Kembo says the conference will be a learning curve as cryptocurrencies have a huge role to play in creating financial inclusion for all people in Africa.

“As Golix we view cryptocurrencies as the most viable channel that Africans can use to get financial autonomy. As such we are dedicated to ensure that all people in Africa can easily understand and process all their payments through cryptocurrencies without facing any hurdle. Thus such conferences are essential in the sense that we get to meet international blockchain experts,” he said.

Chui added that the essence of attending the conference was to get a better appreciation of the digital currencies.

“People who developed Bitcoin did not have Africa in mind, they had a different approach to it. Engaging with Blockchain experts will give us a better understanding as to how fully and effectively we can harness digital currencies to improve financial inclusion in Africa, as it offers a lot of opportunities that can come in handy for Africans,” said Chui.

Considering that only 500 people attended the conference last year, the gathering is becoming more popular as the tickets have been sold out to 1,500 people from all over the world.