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A two member team from Golix is set to be part of the  Africa Tech Summit that is going to be held in Kigali, Rwanda for two days as they seek to network with international tech leaders and investors who want to drive growth in Africa.

The Rwandan Minister of ITC – Hon. Jean de Dieu Rurangirwa will also attend the Tech summit.

Golix Product Manager, Yeukai Kusangaya and Head Growth Hacker, Panashe Tapera are set to be part of the 2 day Tech Summit  slated for the 14th and 15th of February 2018.

Yeukai Kusangaya, is going to be speaking on the panel that will focus on the topic “Blockchain For Africa – The Opportunity & Possible Outcomes.”

On this panel there will also be Samuel Gebre from Bloomberg, Charlene Chen from BitPesa, Toro Ororo from Draker Dark flow and Anthony Munyi from IBM.

250+ key stakeholders are expected to deliver keynotes, on the summit as it is aimed to bring together  great African companies and initiatives and connect them with international ventures.

Africa Tech Summit London is an initiative that was launched in 2016 to share globally the growth in the tech ecosystem across Africa, a platform which Golix believes has the opportunity to strengthen its cryptocurrency exchange and reach out to the rest of Africa.

Speaking before departing for the Tech Summit, Kusangaya said that she was looking forward to networking with African blockchain experts.

“This is a very exciting Tech Summit, as it will give insight into Blockchain technology and at the same time explore the possible opportunities that we as Golix can harness to improve our services. There will be several tech companies attending the summit, which will give us the chance to see how they do things and map a way forward from that,” she said.

Over the past years, Golix staff members have attended several international summits that resonate with their vision to be the leading digital currency payments company in Africa.