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At 4:45 am (CAT) today Golix web server encountered a technical fault with a hosting provider, ultimately affecting the availability of the crypto currency exchange.

From the time Golix experienced this disruption, the tech support team worked flat out for 6 hours and got the website back up and running at 10:02 am.

Responding to the disruption, Golix CEO Tawanda Kembo said that they took such disruptions seriously and that as a startup exchange, Golix also approaches such problems as learning curves.

“We were offline because we had a problem with our hosting provider earlier but it’s since been resolved.

“In a startup with a fail-fast culture such as ourselves, disruptions will happen here and there. Some of our customers will note that this is not the first disruption, but the time it takes to come back online is getting shorter each time. We’re not there yet, but we’re getting there,” he said.