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Zimbabwe cryptocurrencies exchange, Golix  is set to attend one of the biggest digital asset events, the TOKEN2049 conference set to be held in Kowloon, Hong Kong from the 20th to the 21st of March.

The conference will be attended by pioneers, highly influential and established opinion leaders from different cryptocurrencies circles.

Golix CEO, Tawanda Kembo and Lead of Special Projects, William Chui, will be part of the few people from Africa attending the event. The rest of the participants are going to be drawn from Asia and European countries.

For the past months Golix exchange has been attending several global blockchain events in a bid to acclimatise its services to international exchanges.

Speaking on preparations for the event, Chui highlighted that Golix’s presence at the Token2049 conference is just a glimpse of how far Golix is prepared to go to learn more on blockchain opportunities.

“If you have been following Golix closely, global exploration has become a culture for us as we seek to learn more and improve our services. What’s the best way to achieve that than linking up with international experts.   This conference will be insightful in the sense that its going to furnish us with international exchange trends at first hand experience.”

The event will explore, in-depth, cryptocurrencies assets and blockchain-based tokens, a strategic move that Golix as an exchange seeks to apply on its daily business which focuses on international remittances.

“Cryptocurrencies in Africa and Zimbabwe remain a phenomenon that needs to be understood and explored. There is lot to learn from international experts who have successfully developed exchanges that  continues to thrive and blockchain technology. As an exchange thriving not only to be a leading exchange in Zimbabwe but also in Africa, events like TOKEN2049, are the best to learn more from,” said Kembo.

Guest speakers who are leading voices in the blockchain technology who are expected to speak include Vinny Lingham (CEO of CIVIC), Chris Burniske, (Partner at Placeholder) Co-author of “Crypto Assets”, Max Kordek (President of Lisk), Jimmy Song (Bitcoin Core Contributor Blockchain Capital), Martin Köppelman(CEO and Co-Founder Gnosis), V Charles Hoskinson (CEO Input Output HK (Cardano), Jack Lu (Founder and CEO Wanchain), Sophia AI (Hanson Robotics) and Loi Luu, (CEO and Co-Founder of Kyber Network.)

You can read more about the speakers in this link

The  TOKEN2049 prides itself as a ‘shining a light on the global developments of this new asset class, while taking a unique and widening perspective on the token industry and its opportunities in Asia.’

Images by Maridane Press and TV Yangu