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Golix, a cryptocurrency exchange that enables Africans to have financial autonomy through cryptocurrencies, is excited to announce the launch of its token, the GLX Token.

Golix is an African fintech startup that has been facilitating Africans customers to buy and sell cryptocurrency, using payment channels that are predominately available to Africans, such as mobile money. Over 1 billion Africans currently do not have access to a cryptocurrency exchange that will accept their local fiat.  Golix targets to enable more people in Africa to access cryptocurrencies by setting up exchanges all around Africa that will accept local fiat. The token sale aims to raise funds that will enable Golix to achieve this.

The GLX token, an Ethereum ERC-20 token, will be available for purchase from Monday 14 May 2018 on the Golix token sale website, Potential buyers can use their bitcoin (BTC) and/or ethereum (ETH) to buy the GLX token which has been priced at $0.05612 per GLX token.

Golix has been operational in Zimbabwe as an exchange for 3 years already and boasts of having over 50,000 customers that have transacted over US$20m to date. The funds raised will  also help Golix expand its portfolio of services offered.

The total supply of GLX tokens is 1,274,240,097 tokens, with fifty percent (637,120,049 tokens) available for sale during the token sale period. The hard cap for the token sale has been set at at sale of  637,120,049 tokens.

For more information visit the links below:

Token Sale Whitepaper: